Grand vin du Château Margaux

The bad weather during the harvest only resulted in a slight lessening of an expected superb quality. Generally speaking, the month that really counts in determining the quality of a wine is August, or as the French say, "August makes the must". This wine possesses the finesse, subtlety and charm of the greatest vintages as well as good overall balance, but it does not have the density or the depth. It is very pleasant to drink now, like every well balanced vintage, but it may not have yet reached the full development of its bouquet.

(May 2010)



After an earlier than normal bud-break, the weather conditions were very favourable for the flowering, which was particularly fast and even. July was very dry but cool ; August was very hot and dry. On 10th September, the quality potential was remarkable. Unfortunately, the harvest was very rainy. (The picking began on 19th September)