Grand Vin du Château Margaux

The legendary 1900 ! The century began with an extraordinary harvest both in terms of quantity and quality. 1900 is firstly a record volume of wine, which was equalled only in 1982 ! There had been several bumper years previously, in 1896 and 1893. 1900 though, was legendary for its quality ! Despite the huge volume, this wine was of a power and concentration that have rarely been matched. This vintage aroused immediate excitement and eclipsed the fantastic 1899. Discovering a comparable quality in the 2000 vintage was a particularly emotional moment for us... Today, Château Margaux 1900 still has an extraordinary freshness. It is one of the greatest wines we have ever tasted. The bouquet has incomparable finesse, with amazing hints of fresh fruit. On the palate, there is a fabulous impression of richness and smoothness; the finish is long, delicious and refreshing. Simply wonderful...



A wonderful year, which benefited from a very hot summer as well as very fine weather during the harvest. (Picking began 24th September)