Grand Vin du Château Margaux

Considerable work was necessary in the vines to compensate for the effects of the adverse weather conditions; first, to protect the vines, then to thin the crop which promised to be large, and finally a very careful sorting during the harvest. A lot of distinction and finesse can be found in this relatively modest but nevertheless very harmonious wine. We had not really expected to achieve a good enough ripeness of tannins in this vintage, but their softness and roundness once again prove the genius of the terroir. The 1992 Château Margaux today displays a lot of charm and finesse on the nose; the bouquet is mature, complex; in fact, very typical. On the palate, it is tender, fine and finishes on a very soft note. This wine may not impress, but it can be enjoyed with great pleasure.

You can start to drink the wine now, but there is rush. (October 2018)



After a very dry winter, the weather was wet during the flowering, which was long and uneven. The summer was hot, but August was particularly rainy, which affected the health of the vines more than usual. Fine weather never really settled in after that. (The picking began on 29th September)