Grand vin du Château Margaux

The very low percentage of Merlot in the blend, and the hard-won ripening of the Cabernet Sauvignon, gave this vintage from the outset a certain austerity and a characteristic firmness in the finish. Fortunately, the development in bottle has helped the wine to acquire in the end a very classic finesse and has helped to soften the tannins. Today, on the palate, it is more tender, though it is still slightly dry in the finish. Can 1984 still improve in bottle? We cannot be sure of it. The wine is ready to drink now; it will probably become a little finer and more complex, but it could also dry out a little. To be enjoyed now, then; but a few bottles could always be kept aside, out of curiosity.




The cold and rainy weather during the flowering caused the worst case of "coulure" in history, i.e. preventing the flower from setting into fruit. Summer was quite hot and sunny, but heavy rain in September hampered the ripening of the grapes. Fortunately, the harvesting was carried out in sunshine, which enabled us to bring in sufficiently ripe grapes in this difficult vintage. (The picking began 1st October)