Grand Vin du Château Margaux

Château Margaux 1950 is a stunning wine, which possesses an almost unique grace. Its bouquet has a finesse reminiscent of the 1953 without quite having the same complexity. The impression on the palate is one of delicacy, smoothness, extraordinary harmony. 1950 does not have the length or the muscle of a great vintage, but it is a dream of a Margaux, an emotional rather than a sensational wine. We are completely taken aback by its freshness, which only a miracle could have saved in this wine so tender, that we thought was fragile. Wines like this are the proof that it is not necessarily muscle which gives strength. It should not improve any further in the future, and we think it would be better to drink it now, so as not to miss this magical opportunity.

(October 2011)



Very good weather conditions throughout the year, in spite of a little rain in September. (The picking began 18th September)