Grand Vin du Château Margaux

This vintage, which has a mediocre reputation, produced at Château Margaux a wine with surprising finesse and concentration. This success is undoubtedly partly due to the small size of the crop, but also to the joint involvement of André Mentzelopoulos, who had taken over the reins of the estate in July, and Emile Peynaud, whom he had called in, as soon as he had arrived, to bring his precious advice during the vinification and blending. The colour is stunning, still very dark for the vintage. The bouquet is well developed, fine, complex and moderately rich. On the palate, it is quite smooth, not very powerful, finishing on a slightly firm note. It should be enjoyed now; the wine will not improve but can be kept for several years.

(September 2002)



A sharp frost at Easter reduced the crop size, which was already small. The summer months were cool and wet. Fortunately, in September and October, the weather greatly improved, which allowed us to harvest reasonably ripe grapes late, but in good conditions. (The picking began 10th October)