Grand Vin du Château Margaux

Ah, 1929! That legend of vintages that will always be remembered as the year of the century. Its reputation was made all the more glorious by the fact that immediately after, the 1930s were really catastrophic, and then war broke out… It was not until 1945 that anything comparable in quality was produced. It was only a space of sixteen years, but everyone had the genuine impression that it had been a century... Château Margaux 1929 is indeed a marvellous wine, whose bottles have unfortunately become inconsistent. We had the opportunity, a few years ago, to open a few at the same time. Around one out of three was in decline, another was fine, but a bit tired, and the last one... just marvelous! An incomparable, indescribable finesse; a silky, long, delicate feeling on the palate... Sheer happiness...



A hot and extremely dry year, the driest up till then that century. It rained a little during the harvest, then the fine weather came back and stayed until the end. (The picking began on 26th September)