Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux

The rain slightly diluted the crop of red grapes, but the Sauvignon white grapes, picked ten days earlier, were affected much less. 1991 is a very good vintage for Pavillon Blanc; it is quite powerful, fleshy and full. The bouquet has developed remarkably well and today displays much finesse and complexity, at the same time as a certain originality. This is a very good wine to enjoy as of now, but which can still age a few years more.

(June 2007)



1991 was the year of the great spring frost on 21st April. The cold delayed vine growth until the end of May. But an extraordinarily hot, dry summer allowed the vegetation to catch up and brought this very small harvest to an excellent level of ripeness. Unfortunately, heavy rain just before the harvest took the shine off what would have been a remarkable vintage. (The picking began on 30th September)