Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux

This is one of the greatest vintages of Pavillon Blanc. This was the first time, perhaps, that the Sauvignon grapes had reached that exceptional level of ripeness that enables them to rise above the vegetal-type aromas, often considered as typical of the grape variety. In fact, it was in 1989 that we first began a strict control of yields in the white wine plots, which have not exceeded 30 hectolitres per hectare since. This low yield favours, when weather conditions permit, both concentration and the ripening of the grapes.

Today, Pavillon Blanc 1989 is, without any doubt, fully mature and is tasting remarkably well. We can only advise you to drink it, even though we know that it will remain good to drink for some more years.
(October 2018)



1989 will long be remembered as an exceptionally early vintage and a very easy one, from a vine-growing point of view. The flowering, then the colour-change and the ripening all took place in perfect weather, which was particularly hot and dry. Finally, there was not one single day of rain during the harvest. From beginning to end, then, 1989 was a dream year. (The picking began 11th September)