Margaux du Château Margaux

The Margaux du Château Margaux 2015 is the result of the most rigorous selection ever made on our 3rd wine: indeed, almost a quarter of the production was relegated to a 4th wine sold in bulk.

Because of this selection, we probably have today the most charming and open Margaux du Château Margaux that we have ever produced.
The already expressive nose is delicately smoky with floral and red fruit notes, and precedes a silky palate full of freshness, elegance and delicacy.
This wine is so delicious that it would be easy to overlook the concentration of this great vintage! Above all, the wine expresses remarkable length and has a tannic richness that is eclipsed only by its smoothness.



Winter, which was appreciably colder than those of the previous years, caused late, but perfectly regular blossoming. Dry and sunny weather in the spring made for optimal conditions, so flowering took place very quickly and homogenously. This hot, dry weather persisted throughout the months of June and July, to a point where we were afraid there could be water stress, at least in the most sensitive plots. Fortunately a little rain in August arrived just in time to ensure a quick and regular colour-change. The drought, which arrived again in September, together with very warm days and cool nights, enabled the grapes to balance their richness in sugar with good acidity, to render their tannins more silky and to make their aromatic potential more complex.

The harvest of the reds took place from September 18th to October 6th. The small size of the grapes and their thicker skins indicated a very high concentration of tannins. The 2015 weather conditions are, in fact, the feature of very great vintages, like 2005, 2009 and 2010.