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Vineyard and gardens

Their work is an integral part of the "terroir"… They prune, attach, terrace and protect the vines throughout the year. The wine-growers have been led by Julien Boiteau, Vineyard Manager, since 2005. He also supervises garden maintenance under the auspices of Bertrand Castet, Chief Gardener. 1st row, from left to right : Alcina Hortion, Guillaume Barbarin, Cédric Chabosseau, Cécilia Trimaille, Julien Boiteau, Gilbert Martin, Cindy Palmer, Thierry Lartigue, Sonia Michon, Céline Ayala, Véronique Ayala, Annie Palmer
2nd row, from left to right : Nadine Jougla, Karine Dupont, Florent Duchesne, Sylvie Eloi, Manuel Perez, Joachim Teixeira, Jean-Jacques Ligier, Jean-Louis Buggin, Jean-Michel Chevalier, Thierry Corfou, Eric Gounet, Jean-Claude Buggin, Jérôme Bernard, Damien Dupuy, Jérémy Huguet, Ophélie Torres, Elian Huguet